Toward an Atlas of Insult

Blasphemy. Sacrilege. Wounded religious sentiments. They’ve all gone global, speeding round the world with just the swipe of a thumb. Funded by a grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and administered out of the University of Toronto, The Global Blasphemer is a collaborative scholarly project working to construct a better map of the multiple entangled histories that converge on our current scene. Welcome to the Blasphemosphere!

J. Barton Scott is the lead researcher for The Global Blasphemer. An associate professor of historical studies and the study of religion at the University of Toronto, he is the author Spiritual Despots: Modern Hinduism and the Genealogies of Self-Rule and co-editor of Imagining the Public in Modern South Asia. His new book, Slandering the Sacred: Blasphemy Law and Religious Affect in Colonial India, is forthcoming with University of Chicago Press.

Alif Shahed

Alif Shahed is a PhD student in the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto. His research explores the relationship among religion, property, and law under Bangladesh’s secular regime. He is more broadly interested in political economy, charitable trusts and religious endowments, and histories of secularism. 

Ridhima Sharma

Ridhima Sharma is a PhD student in the Department for the Study of Religion at University of Toronto, working at the intersection of the anthropology of religion, gender studies, and the ethnography of the nation-state. Her current research explores the material and discursive underpinnings of Hindu nationalist practices couched as seva, or charitable service, in the North Indian state of Haryana.